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The Team


He has been working as a producer and director for the past 25 years. He has earned two MAs in cultural and theatre management and EU cultural diplomacy. Between 1996 and 2000, he was the managing and artistic director of Tatabanya Theatre. After that, he served as the artistic director for the Summer Theatre Festival of Esztergom and the Aranytiz Arts Centre. Since 2004, he has been the managing director and producer of the Arts Centre of Ferencvaros and the prestigious Pinceszinhaz (Pince Theatre), Budapest. The most successful shows directed and produced by Mr Zubornyak include Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince, Beaumarchais’ Le Mariage de Figaro, Webber-Rice’s Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce and The Halloween Musical Madness and many more. For more information about his works please visit Mr Zubornyak’s homepage or the homepage of Pinceszinhaz.

ROBERT B SUDA – producer & director

Robert B Suda producerHe is an award-winning playwright, director and producer, who has earned a BA in theatre and drama history and two MAs in theatre management and theatrology. He has been working as a director and producer since 1998, and directed numerous productions, which were acclaimed by both critics and the audience. His latest mainstream productions are richard2nixon (based on Shakespeare’s Richard II), CoverShow – The Musical, MoNOporno, or Miss Julie (based on Strindberg’s play),  Halloween Musical Madness and Jason Charles’ Beyond Flesh and Blood at the Tabard Theatre. His most recent shows were Better Than Sex – The Musical in the Courtyard theatre and Who Does She Think She Is? at the Etcetera Theatre.  His first plays were published in 2006 by the Young Writers’ Association. In 2007, he directed his first TV show and a documentary at OLICO Film. For more information about his works please visit Mr Suda’s homepage.

KATALIN PUSKAS – Sales and Marketing director

Katalin PuskasKatalin has graduated in HND Business Management and CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing . She is an impulsive, multi-skilled professional with an excellent history of managing complex, functional projects in various environments. She has joined forces with Mr Suda and rebranded PostMinArt and established a new Limited company in early 2016 where she is responsible for the sales and marketing duties.

GYORGY BUGYINSZKI – artistic associate & visual artist negotiator

Gyorgy BugyinszkiOriginally a communication expert and journalist – with profound erudition in, and strong affinity for contemporary painting and music. In the last six years, starting from the standpoint that a well-designed set and staging of a production can and should be a work of art on its own right, Gyorgy has been responsible for researching and nurturing emerging visual artists, introducing them to applied genres as performing art and theatre. He is also the sales consultant for the Art Trade Division of PostMinArt.

TAMAS VEREB – project manager & literary agent

Tamas Vereb literary agent Literary and theatre agent, university lecturer of theatre management, translator of contemporary British and American plays (by Sarah Ruhl, Ray Cooney, Chloe Moss, Ken Davenport etc.). He has been working as a cultural manager and agent for a decade, representing authors, playwrights and artists all over the world. After taking his third degree, he joined our team in 2010.

E P CRAMMES– artistic advisor & literary associate

His latest work with PostMinArt was the co-translation of the lyrics of the musical Better Than Sex – The Musical in 2010. He was also a literary associate to the director of the show.

ZOLTAN SUVEGES – Filming, film sets and location

He is a professional photographer and camera operator and also a set dresser and assistant for the set and design department for feature films and TV shows with fourteen years of experience. His credits include Nick Renton’s Maigret (1993); Yves Simoneau’s Napoleon (2001); Tony Scott’s Spy Game (2001);  the BBC’s Robin Hood Season 1-3;The Pillars of The Earth (Tandem Productions) 2009.

VIKTOR PALFI – Sound & Lighting Design